Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver

Very nice mountain view and I think the price of the hotel is mainly for the view and location. There’s no free parking and parking is at least $42 per night. wifi is not free and after I paid extra for about $5 per day, I noticed that internet speed is terribly slow and it’s definitely not high speed internet, download speed is about 6 Mbps (Really? Are u kidding me?) This’s considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Vancouver and it does not provide free wifi plus internet sped is totally unacceptable. My download speed at home is more than 170 Mbps so the internet speed of this hotel is not acceptable to me. As for the drinks in the mini fridge, the price list is inside the drawer and I think they should have put the price list on the table or desk so that people can see they’re not free, instead of hiding the price list inside one of drawers. All items inside the mini fridge are over-priced.

Firstly this hotel is in an ideal location for exploring Vancouver, being right in Canada Place. The rooms are an ok size, but dont come with free wifi. Whats frustrating is you go down to the conference center (first two levels of the hotel) and theres free wifi, but for the cost of this hotel I expect it in the rooms for free aswell.

The rooms were clean, but the duvets come separated with two sheets so by the time you wake up in the morning at last one of the sheets is at the bottom of the bed. The beds are huge which is a big plus at the hotel.
The showers in the room arent overly powerful, but were clean.
If this hotel was cheaper it would get a better review

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Pan Pacific has been cited as one of the best hotels in the city uniquely located atop Canada Place at the heart of Vancouver’s downtown waterfront.

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Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver
999 Canada Place Way
Vancouver, British Columbia

Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Lobby
Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Lobby

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