Lord Stanley Suites On The Park

We arrived in Vancouver to discover our room (penthouse) was much smaller than advertised. The website claims freshly renovated (my question would be when?) The living room is so small that two people fill it completely. The television didn’t work for the first night and wasn’t reported to the day staff. The toilet backed up and the staff were unable to locate a plunger. At least the person on the front desk suggested Safeway to get one at 10.30pm. The kitchen lights didn’t work without turning the ceiling fan on. No milk or tea bags, no customer service by the man on the desk on our arrival. He doesn’t know how to problem solve. The master room (laughing) no ceiling fan and due to the room being 70% glass it was very hot. Then a disappointing breakfast where nothing was explained and to an Australian you just don’t help yourself to the fridge or cupboards but this was expected here. The is a shower curtain in the bath made the shower a very closed in space and a funny grey mold on the tiles doesn’t say freshly renovated.
The vertical blinds did nothing to keep the light or the heat out of both the main room and the strange glassed in patio. All in all the hotels saving grace was the location and Sunday onwards staff. I would not say this is value for money. I hope our other hotels are not as disappointing this one during our stay in Canada.

My family booked an one bedroom unit here for 4 nights. Great location so close to Stanley park, restaurants and boat harbour. We were lucky to be on the Harbour side so had great views ( we go to see the view from the other side of the building when we had a plumbing issue and had to spend a night in another unit while the issue was resolved), The unit was too small for four adults but as we were only there 4 nigh were weren’t able to book a 2 bed unit which was very disappointing.
Staff were very helpful and able to come up with a suitable solution to a plumbing issue that arose in the unit.

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Lord Stanley is an apartment hotel located in Downtown Vancouver’s West End neighbourhood at the Entrance to Stanley Park.¬†Each apartment boasts a private balcony or enclosed solarium. … Amenities

Lord Stanley Suites On The Park
1889 Alberni Street
Vancouver, BC

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