Granville Island Vancouver

One of the most popular places in Vancouver by both Tourist and locals it is Located minutes from downtown Vancouver under the Granville Street Bridge. It is not really an Island but a peninsula surrounded by False Creek and the Pacific Ocean.

Granville Island
Granville Island

Granville Island
You could easily spend half a day here. The Island is made up of many warehouse type buildings each housing their own unique set of stores, from local arts and crafts to professional art studio to a Maritime Market. Sift through the aromas of fresh food, the wonderful sounds of buskers and the ambience of people watching at its best. Journey through the bustle of narrow streets, witness art in the making, and discover a unique selection of items you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Granville Island Market
This one of a kind Market has has some of the cities best eats  found in the Market itself in the super fresh local only Food Court mixed in with over 75 stalls known for fresh produce tables, bake shops, seafood, beef, poultry stalls, and live entertainment along with a Kid’s Water Park and Kids Only Market.

Granville Island Attractions
The Island is home to the market, many Restaurants, Theatres and Attractions.  Check out the Arts Club Theatre presenting Live Theatre, or the Vancouver Theatre Sports League an Improv and Comedy Club

Granville Island Hotel
A Boutique Hotel right on the Island that is very popular
Most of the Hotels in Downtown Vancouver are close enough that you could easily walk down to False Creek and take one of the small passenger ferries that dart back and forth across False Creek.

Granville Island Restaurants
Restaurants on Granville Island all offering tastes and flavours of the Pacific Northwest.
Dockside Restaurant at the Granville island Hotel
The Sandbar Restaurant
Bridges Restaurant and Pub
Keg Steakhouse and Bar
The Backstage Lounge
Granville Island Pub and Brewery
Cat’s Meow
Tony’s Fish & Oyster Cafe,
Edible Canada at the Market
The Vancouver Fish Company

Getting to Granville Island
Because of Granville Island’s central location, you can escape the city without having to leave it. It also makes it very easy to get to, whether by boat, by car, by bus, by bicycle or on foot.

Map to Granville Island

By Boat
runs from 7am to 10:30pm in the summer (8:30pm in winter).
Inexpensive and fun the rainbow-coloured Aquabus travels around False Creek with stops at the foot of Hornby St., Stamp’s Landing, Yaletown (foot of Davie St.), and Science World. The Aquabus dock on Granville Island is located between the Public Market and the Arts Club Theatre.

False Creek Ferry
The False Creek Ferries also travel around the Inlet and stop at the Maritime Museum (west of Granville Island), the Aquatic Centre (under the Burrard St. Bridge, on the downtown side (north) of the Inlet), Stamp’s Landing, and Science World (the easternmost point of False Creek). The False Creek Ferry dock on Granville Island is located near the entrance to Bridges Restaurant.

Getting to Granville Island by Car
is easy from your point of origin, travel towards the intersection of West 4th Avenue and Fir Street. Then head north on Fir Street, and take either the first right at West 3rd Avenue (which turns into Anderson St. to the left (north)), or take the second right at West 2nd Ave. and should be able to see the Granville Island sign under the bridge looking northward on Anderson St. Follow Anderson St. onto Granville Island.

Parking on Granville Island
is limited. If you can, leave the car at home and get to Granville Island by bus, boat, bicycle or on foot.

Bicycle routes to Granville Island
follow the main car routes, but there’s also a pleasant, scenic bicycle path (shared with pedestrians) that runs east-to-west past the Island along the south shore of False Creek Inlet.

On Foot to Granville Island
Arriving on Granville Island by foot enables you to appreciate the Island from a whole new angle. A comfortable seaside walk follows the False Creek Inlet on both the north and south shores. The south shore walk, which passes right by Granville Island, begins at its easternmost point just under the Cambie Street Bridge, and heads all the way west to some of Vancouver’s most popular beaches.

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