Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver

We were here for a week, and it was very nice, but not really quite a “5 star Fairmont” level. We had Gold Level, although I suspect the rooms are identical.

But first, the best: The concierge team at the Gold Lounge… they were absolutely the BEST of *any* “club level” type lounge we’ve encountered (including at other Fairmonts).
They were extremely pleasant, which is always a good starting point.
But…. EVERY request… well… they often anticipated the question/request and were offering to help (or “get something”) before we could even finish the request/question.

Separately, the snacks were, for the most part, among the best we’ve had, also. This is especially notable given that the Lounge was relatively small.
A couple of the “scone type” baked items (not sure what to call them) were soooo tender, they just about melted in one’s mouth. We had to exercise some serious self-restraint to avoid putting on a few pounds a day if we had eaten what we’d have liked to have eaten.

The room was small, and the bathroom wasn’t special. But everything was modern and very clean.
The shower was very large (but I do miss those large soaking tubs top hotels were more likely to have in the past). And, very nice, the “overhead” rainshower head was slightly tilted.
However, given the placement of the fixtures and the fixed glass wall (not the door half), it was very inconvenient to try to turn the water on and adjust the temp the first time, trying to keep out of the way. Fortunately, the way the on/off/temp control worked meant that we could just keep the temp position fixed. It didn’t need to be moved to turn the water on/off. (Neither of us remembers this being a problem with other hotel showers that appeared similar.)

Importantly, there were sufficient drawers in the room, for unpacked clothing.
(Somehow, there seems to be a trend – elsewhere – NOT to have drawers, and in some cases, not even shelves. Do other hotels think their guests have perhaps two sets of clothes, one to wear and the other to be sent out for dry cleaning every day!? Pan Pacific Hotel, across the street, we are looking at YOU here!)

The bath linens were especially soft. That does make a difference, too. These things are noticed.
On the other hand, the toilet paper is of the most flimsy type. Doesn’t a Fairmont warrant “nicer” TP? (Seriously?)
We’ve owned vacation rental properties, and our managers laughed at us for using “expensive” Charmin. It matters to us; it matters to our own guests, too. (We had ONE complaint very early on about this, and we immediately cleared out all the cheaper TP and tissues, and provided “good” supplies thereafter.)

The bed was slightly on the “too firm” side, although we recognize that bed firmness/softness is a very personal thing. Can’t please everyone with one standard issue. But it did *not* interfere at all with comfortable sleeping (although we were just a bit concerned at bedtime the first night).

One suggestion: Given that Gold Level guests are supposed to “check in” on the Gold Level floor, it would help to have some indication that there is no keycard required for that floor. Most Gold/Club levels do have keycard restricted access.

We have previously stayed at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and also at the Pan Pacific. The Pacific Rim has terrific bathrooms (yes, it makes a difference), and their Gold Lounge has a much better view of the water and mountains, so that’s probably still our first choice.
But my goodness… the Gold Lounge Concierges at the Waterfront… Right. I already mentioned them!
But they absolutely deserve a second mention 🙂

Bottom line, we would be happy to stay here again, if the other Fairmont, the Pacific Rim, wasn’t available.
And it’s head and shoulders above the Pan Pacific, without any question.


Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver
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Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver is a Luxury hotel connected across from the the Vancouver Convention Center and Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal, they feature an outdoor heated pool and spacious rooms. … Amenities

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Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver
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Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver Pool

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