Blue Horizon Hotel Vancouver

I have been in this hotel twice and spent 2 nights per each visit. The hotel front desk and housekeeping staff are amazing; they are helpful and friendly. Fabio, Andre, Paul and Osmel thank you. The rooms and beddings/linens are very clean. On of the cleanest hotels I’ve been.

I had a rather unpleasant experience at the restaurant this time round: the Friday 10th November afternoon restaurant manager without saying a word walked rudely and yanked cutlery from the hands of the server while I was placing my order. I picked up my food about 20 minutes later and when I got to my room, I realized that the food cover was stuck on the food plate so I went back down to ask them to help me remove it. This same manager overheard me telling the server about the stuck cover so turned to me and said ” you are very special, this has never happened before”. Hm, so because “I’m very special” they decided to press down the food cover so hard it got stuck, right? You would have thought that, he will take responsibility for what went wrong. But no, no apology nothing. The server took the tray and food, she came back a few minutes later and it was open. I later realized that they broke the plastic food cover so there were plastic bits in my food. The food cover had the broken parts all round the top.

The green beans in the food were rotten, I don’t know if there was old left over rotting beans sauce that was placed first in my plate and they they added a little bit of fresh one on top???

I had a long day working about 2 hours away from the hotel, so I must say that I was tired and should never have even ordered the food let alone tasted it, seeing how the manager behaved. Not only did they let me down but I think I let myself down not to have confronted him and also returned the food and collected my money together with my 15% tip. His saying that I was ‘very special” makes me wonder, what coded way was he trying to tell me that I was being treated differently?

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The Hotel is located on Robson Street, Vancouver’s eating, shopping and entertainment hub. Nestled between downtown and the West End, enjoy some of Vancouver’s finest views in most of the Hotel’s 31 stories. … more

Blue Horizon Hotel Vancouver
1225 Robson Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia

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